Brand Breeder is a laboratory of biodiversity settled capillarily on the Italian territory. A company that produces, develops and conceptualizes tailor-made brands, on different territories, in order to extrapolate, of each one, the specificities, and enhance its singularity. At different latitudes, through a team of experts including agronomists, oenologists, liquor makers, distillers and marketing men, Brand Breeder aims to create a national reserve of productive habitats.

Thus was born a project that constitutes a true unicum on the national territory because, in addition to encouraging the emergence of productive singularities with a distinct territorial matrix, in its collective vocation Brand Breeder contemplates a continuous evolution aimed at the discovery and valorization of little-known territories, and their resemantization through native grape varieties that have shown themselves to be particularly suited in their activity of reading the territory.

Soils, acquired in different regions of the national territory, can thus count on species-specific advice as well as special technologies dedicated to their maximum valorization. A partnership between nature and culture that has led to attention-grabbing performances: as on Mount Etna where, after a careful period of study, Brand Breeder has come to favor the use of 1600-liter amphorae dedicated to the vinification and maturation of Nerello Mascalese and Catarratto while, elsewhere, as for example in Abruzzo, the peculiarities of the mountain pedoclimatic context, at 500 meters above sea level, have dictated non-interventionist choices, the same ones that have propitiated the birth of a majestic version of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

Alongside all this, Brand Breeder warps and embroiders the narrative and popularization of each territory, conveying its culture and knowledge and, ultimately, promoting its spread. Availing itself of the collaboration with one of the most important marketing firms on the national and international scene, Brand Breeder elaborates, for each of the realities involved in the project, a targeted communication strategy, verbal and non-verbal, capable of enhancing the uniqueness of each territory and ferrying it into the world of consumers, and their respective markets.

Brand Breeder was created for this: to encourage a virtuous and eloquent winemaking model capable of creating wealth from (bio)diversity and encouraging its sharing. A completely different path from the production dynamics known so far that encourages the development of the brand, and of brands, as a choral and collective semantic activity: an exaltation of the individual in order to enrich the potential of the whole group.

People /    Marco Sarandrea

Marco Sarandrea was born in Collepardo (FR), elected Town of Herbs in 1959, where he directs the family's centuries-old industry, which since 1920 has been producing liqueurs, herbal products and Phyto-derivatives. Expert in herbal medicine (phytochemistry and practice), he collaborates with the La Sapienza and Tor Vergata Universities of Rome and the Viterbo’s Tuscia. President of the Hortus Hernicus Association, founder of the Academy of Herbal Arts (Rome), he is also a teacher of the monastic community of Mount Athos (Greece) with the project Phytotherapy Lessons for Religious. Host of several RAI programs, including Linea Verde, Geo and Buongiorno Benessere, with his passion and experience he brings the world of herbs into people's daily lives.

People /    Francesco Tava

Francesco Tava becomes an entrepreneur by chance when, during a tasting, he senses the potential of ceramic manufacturing in the oenological field. The technical application of the mixtures serving the world of wine came to life when he founded Tava Srl, creating patented hand-made amphorae for winemaking, which today he exports all over the world. Craftsmanship and innovation are the keys to its production: controlled porosity wine vessels for high-quality personalized winemaking.

People /    Franco Bernabei

Franco Bernabei needs no introduction. Various honours make him one of the most influential oenologists in the world. He has been providing, since 1978, his consultancy as the leading expert on indigenous vines for many national companies. A new formula of "Sangiovese", interpreting the terroir while respecting raw materials, family and business, is his rediscovery. In 2000 he won the "Oscar del Vino" and in 2007 the magazine The Wine Spectator TOP 100 ranked his Flaccianello 8th, the first among European wines.

People /    Marco Caiaffa

Deep knowledge of Italian biodiversity, high international university training in winemaking and prestigious collaborations make Marco Caiaffa a leading agronomist oenologist in the field of organic viticulture. Expert in Apulian autochthonous vines, he embodies multidisciplinary professionalism that searches the territories with the greatest personality to express them in memorable wines as a result of the peculiarities of a natural environment and the science of processing.

People /    Baldo Baldinini

The alchemist Baldo Baldinini has the same, almost unique gift as Grenouille, the star of Patrick Süskind's world bestseller The Perfume. Baldo, like Grenouille, has a superhuman sense of smell, with his memories that have no colours but smells, aromas and fragrances. Without Grenouille's demons, Baldo dedicated his life to perfumes and raw materials, even inventing his own writing to define notes and olfactory chords. Essences to wear on the palate, perfumes to drink while everything is the best of distillation. With the most prestigious international awards and the partnership with great chefs, such as, among others, Bottura, Niko Romito, Igles Corelli and Riccardo Camanini.

People /    Mario Di Paolo

Mario Di Paolo, Pentawards Designer of the year 2021, is the founder and creative director of Spazio Di Paolo, a studio specialising in wine and spirits packaging design at an international level. It is among the most awarded studios in the world with over 200 packaging design awards. In fact, Mario Di Paolo is responsible for some of the most recent innovations in the industrial printing of high-end labels, which offer brand owners new languages ​​and the possibility of standing out on the shelf. Spazio di Paolo has launched real trends: multilayer labels, pigments extracted from lava dust, plaster and earth, and three-dimensional labels that transform the packaging into sculptures that interact with the space and the consumer.