Gin is one of the world's most famous and popular spirits, which after having enjoyed a second youth is now expanding into the boundaries of experimentation. In this context, Eclipse Gin by Brand Breeder, the juniper distillate that harmonises the aromatic accords of Baldo Baldinini and DiBALDO with the creative vision of Mario Di Paolo and Spazio Di Paolo, comes to life.

From Il Messaggero's interview:

"In short, Italy is a real 'quagmire'. "But be careful what's out there," warns guru Baldo Baldinini, from his Olfattorio in Rimini. 'Distillation,' he explains, 'is one of the most challenging things to do. It is the art of extracting the soul from a plant, it is not enough to have a still; it takes years of experience and experimentation to create a quality product with great personality and identity. The challenge is to be truly unique, to have something that is only there in that product. Otherwise it's just marketing'. For now, Baldinini - together with designer Mario Di Paolo - has created with Brand Breeder Spirits a gin composed of 30 botanicals that symbolises the overcoming of one's own limits."